Sheri is just brilliant, she worked with us in the capacity of a good advisor and friend than a mere realtor. It was not just business all the way, she clearly understood our requirements and wish list very early in the process. Sheri was extremely considerate, accommodating and focused on finding us the right property. More than just walking us into open houses, displaying a laundry list of units on the market or pointing us to a website, we felt Sheri shared a lot of personal insights that gave us confidence and kept us integrated to select the dream property. She leveraged her valuable advice in the process of our home purchase as and where required. The entire process of finalizing the house was seamless and we felt happy to receive her timely feedback and very glad that we were introduced to several resources any home buyer would seek pre /post-closing. Writing this tiny review will not suffice the outstanding assistance we received from Sheri Taylor, but we felt future prospective buyers could use our strong supporting review to their personal benefit and choose Sheri Taylor as their preferred realtor to find their dream home.

333 Oswego Ct, West New York, NJ 07093